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OraVerse Makes Your Trip to the Dentist More Comfortable

May 3rd, 2019

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A lot of people are scared to go to the dentist, and many people don't go because they're scared. The statistics tell us that only 50% of the population goes to the dentist on a regular basis.

Patient Comfort is Important to Us

At Coshocton, we've made it our mission to make sure that any anyone that we see in our office is comfortable no matter what it takes. Patient comfort is something we take to heart. We want to make sure that every experience and every visit is as comfortable and as painless as possible.

One of the reasons we care so much about patient comfort is because your dental health isn’t always just about your teeth. Your dental health can affect your overall health as well!

How OraVerse Makes You More Comfortable at the Dentist

We try everything we can to make a trip to our office as easy as possible and one way we do this is with OraVerse. In most cases after a procedure, patients will feel groggy the rest of the day due to the anesthetic. This can be a really big burden, especially if they have to go back to work or school after their appointment.

OraVerse is a fantastic new product that can reverse the numbing/ groggy effects form the procedure and allow the patient to be back to normal in just one hour!

Another great thing about OraVerse is that it is included with the procedure with no added expense!

The dentist shouldn't be a scary thing, and it shouldn't be a painful thing, but for a lot of people that that fear is real. We really take that to heart and are continually working on new ways to make our patients more comfortable.

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If you need preventative maintenance, implants, cosmetic dentistry, treatments, or any other dental service, contact us at Coshocton Dentistry where we care about your comfort and your health!


Don't be Scared of Root Canals

April 26th, 2019


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A root canal is one of the most daunting dental procedures, or at least that is how everyone feels about them. Though most people cringe when they think of the words, “root canal,” it’s actually a very simple process compared to the alternative treatments.

Why We do Root Canals

Not many dental practices are certified to do root canals meaning you would have to go to a specialist. We understand that the closest specialist is 40 miles away from our city and it is because of this distance that many people would rather live with the pain then travel for the treatment.

In order to better serve our patients, we started this procedure from the very beginning of our practice. We care about keeping our patients healthy and pain-free!

What is a Root Canal?

Say you have a hole in your tooth, it’s been there for a while and then your tooth starts to hurt. This is because that hole has been allowing bacteria into the roots of your tooth. The bacteria starts to affect the nerves in your mouth and gets into the blood supply which kills your tooth.
The pain caused by bacteria can be very intense and cause even more problems if it is not treated.

Root Canal Process

So, for a root canal, we start you on an antibiotic, remove the tissue and then simply fill the roots. This cuts off the pathway to the nerve so bacteria can no longer get to the bloodline. This process only takes about ten more minutes than a typical fill and it allows you to keep your own tooth as opposed to alternative treatments.

Alternative Treatment

The other option to treat this is to extract the whole tooth and replace it with an implant. However, this treatment takes much longer, costs more and you won’t have your own tooth anymore.

It is infinitely better to have all of your own original teeth and we want to help you maintain them as long as possible and help you be as healthy as can be! That is why we suggest the root canal versus and implant whenever feasible.

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If you’re in pain and you don’t want to drive 40 miles to see a specialist, come to Coshocton where we have years and years of experience doing root canals! If you have any questions about this procedure or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

Keeping Up with the Latest Dental Technologies

April 19th, 2019

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Coshocton Dentistry is a general practice meaning we do many different types of dentistry such as implants, cosmetics, and orthodontics. Because we do so many different procedures, it is essential that we keep up with the latest technologies.

Our Philosophy

We've always thought that if you're not keeping up, then you're falling behind. We practice in a small community and sometimes access to medical care in smaller rural communities is scarce. So, we made it our mission to make sure that our patients can receive the same high technology services and techniques as anywhere else in the world could. We really pride ourselves on staying up to date with all the latest technology and advances that dentistry has to offer.

Our Latest Technology

Cerec Machine

This is called a Cerec machine and it's basically a CAD CAM machine that allows us to make dental restorations crowns right there in the office while the patient is in the chair. Without this technology, it would take us two or three weeks to complete a crown procedure. But, with the Cerec machine, we can do it in one visit over a period of one and a half to two hours. That is a huge convenience for our patients!

3-D Imaging Machine

This is our 3-D imaging machine, and this is really a game changer for us. Normal X-rays are just in two dimensions; they're flat. But, this machine allows us to see things in 3-D. So, we can see things and diagnose things that we've never been able to see before. Having this technology allows us to make a more accurate diagnosis and help our patient stay healthy and get the right treatment.

At Coshocton Dentistry, we are proud to say that we are constantly keeping up with new and advancing technologies to provide our patients with the best dental care possible. If you have any questions about our technologies or how we are continually learning, contact us today!

Straighten Your Smile With Clear Aligners

April 12th, 2019

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We all know the importance of a beautiful smile. Over the years, as technology advances, we have found that one of the best new ways to achieve that is what we call clear aligners.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a new way of straightening your teeth without having to use any metal wires like with traditional braces. We correct your teeth by using a series of clear removable trays that are very comfortable. They're easy to use, and they're very effective.
In addition, they are less invasive compared to orthodontics and they are great because when you have them in most people can't even really tell that they're there.

How Clear Aligners Work

We can make your personalized series with our computer. Then you wear each one for about two weeks. Each tray moves your teeth approximately 1 1/2 millimeter. Each patient's treatment duration will vary, depending on how their teeth are positioned before the beginning of treatment. But, over a period of time, we can get your teeth into the desired position.

Am I a Candidates for Clear Aligners?

We have found that most of our patients who use clear aligners are patients didn't have the ability to get braces when they were younger, or they had braces and their teeth have since relapsed.

However, we are happy to have you in for a complimentary consultation to make sure you're a good candidate for our clear aligners because there are some qualifiers. First off, your teeth must be healthy. We would not be able to use clear aligners on unhealthy teeth as it may further any issues you may be having.

If you want to straighten your smile but don't want to worry about those pesky metal wires, then contact us today to see if you are a candidate for clear aligners!